Abyssal Rusalka Sorceress:
Triats: (I took the addition traits feat) Adopted, Survivor, Ascendant Recollection, Magical Lineage ,Hedge Mage

Drawbacks: Family ties, Frail

Iskaylia appears as a typical Rusalka (I need to upload the actual physical description). Her noticeable features include a tribal tatoo on her left cheek, the Khar’tal brand of the Wanderer. She also has some rather large shark bites on her torso, relics of the attack in her early childhood that have made her permanently more frail than most.


Born to the Isk-Vyrda clan of Abyssal Rusalka, which worship the Gare Linnorm known as the “Leviathan of the vents” which lurks in the southwestern portion of the Sinnister sink. Iskaylia’s birth was regarded as an omen of the Isk-Vyrda faith as it happened during the festival known as the Leviathan’s blessing, a festival where the clan sacrifices outsiders to the Leviathan and it is said to bless them with its power.

Iskaylia’s mother was bringing her back to the clan after having her with a shallow race member and was hurrying as she had missed most of the fesival when she was attacked by a large shark and Iskaylia was lost. She was found and brought up by Kai-Lio, asto help orphans is the custom of Poseidon worshippers, who lived in a large seafloor farming clan called the Khar’tal, near Delanteri.

Iskaylia grew up with Kai-Lio parents and three older brothers. While they never truly knew what Iskaylia was, she quickly became a fixture of the local tribe’s, community. Her aptitude with magic and skill at crafting made her an invaluable member of the Khar’tal, even with her limited abilities and inexperience.

After going through the tribes right of adulthood to choose her path Iskaylia chose the path of the wanderer with the argument that it would allow her to both learn of herself and her past as well as allowing her to expand her abilities so as to better help the clan upon her return. The council of Elders accepted the rational explanation and awarded her the brand of the wanderer in order for her to commence upon her chosen path.

Iskaylia spent a year in nearby Delanteri learning of magic from the learned of their mostly sea elven mages college and has supported herself by creating fine magical items that have made her rather well known locally. Her unique appearance and abilities made her rather sought after in the city both for her abilities and her exotic beauty. Wanting to escape from some of the more………….unwanted attention (suitors), she began to travel west over the Sinister Sink, stopping in Sunken Peak for a month and finally reaching Ebera about a week ago. She’s been trying to establish herself locally to begin her business again and gain new funds, as well as searching for answers regarding who and what she is.


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